Hospitality technology solutions for restaurants and bars

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Technology is becoming an integral part of how restaurants and bars run daily business. The future of hospitality is connected and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology solutions are transforming restaurants and bars. This connection allows businesses to effectively communicate with their customers like never before, to and from internal departments, enable automatic orders with vendors, and even access essential vitals of the restaurant’s operating equipment. Hospitality technology solutions for restaurants and bars- IoT Technologies- are making restaurants “smart” and transforming the way they do business by engaging customers, streamlining operations and improving their bottom line.

Traditional equipment and now antiquated operational planning/tools that relied heavily on guessing, manual forecasting, and decision making based on “gut feelings” are being replaced with the data rich reporting features of new technology based equipment. These tools are now allowing restaurant and bar owners to make their decisions for things such as purchasing, inventory control, and staffing based on algorithms, hard data, and trends. Although these features do not replace years of experience in the hospitality industry, when utilized, these tools can help businesses not only navigate, but thrive in the ever changing and tumultuous restaurant and bar business.

Chicago Bar Shop: Hospitality technology solutions for restaurants

Chicago Bar Shop works with hospitality clients nationwide, designing, building (and consulting with) bars and restaurants from initial plans through construction- to operational planning, logistics and technology integration.

Many of the technology products Chicago Bar Shop suggests to customers for optimal performance and efficiency are Intel based solutions. Check out the Intel Solution Brief highlighting Chicago Bar Shop and Next-Generation Restaurants and Bars: Smart and Connected.

Key areas for embedding these new technologies in restaurants and bars include: Point of Sale (POS) systems, inventory management, and the customer relationship/experience- but the possibilities are (seemingly endlessly) expanding. POS systems are not only going digital- they are also becoming mobile, app-based, cloud enabled powerhouses for collecting and analyzing sales data and building nearly auto-piloted customer loyalty programs.

Digital inventory management is now tracking sales, over-pours/short-pours, employee mistakes, and theft in ways that were never before possible. Using radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip and sensor based pouring spouts and weighing systems, inventory technology solutions feed data into easy to read live cloud based reports, apps, force smart-phone notifications, and can even sync right up with the POS system. Reports can now be auto-populated using this data used to automatically create purchase orders for food and beverage vendors saving both time and money while streamlining operations.

Maximize revenue with customer engagement tools

Restaurant and bar customers have more options than ever before in both establishment and libation choices, making customer relationship building an important area of focus. While technology cannot replace the human experience (at least not yet!) it can be a great tool for enhancing the customer’s relationship with an establishment. Digital signage and interactive displays showcasing specials, drink menus, upcoming events or highlighting social media (#yourvenue) photos & short videos create interest, and connects with customers’ emotions. That connection, used in combination with digital loyalty programs, newsletters, and promotions can be used to engage current customers and re-engage lapsed customers, creating additional revenue.

The options for technology solutions in hospitality can be overwhelming, but with resources like Chicago Bar Shop, you don’t have to go at it alone. Talk to a professional to help you discover the hospitality technology innovations and tools that can make your restaurant business great (or great again.) Whether you are looking to design and jump-start a new small restaurant business, or rejuvenate your large volume current venue, Chicago Bar Shop has the expertise and resources to help you learn, inspire, integrate, and thrive.