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Dive into the more “spirit forward” drinks from back before the word mixology was born and I would simply be called a bartender.  From the liquor only powerhouses to the drinks made when bartenders discovered fruit, this class has all the hits!

It’s the pre-prohibition era and the cocktail scene has really come alive. Sure you’ve befriended the Manhattan and an Old Fashioned but what about an Aviation or a true Whiskey Sour?

Do you want that drink shaken or stirred?  

What’s the difference?  

Put on your Fedora and let’s go explora (sorry) the good ol’ days, or should I say nights, of the cocktail.  Learn how to properly make the classics like they were originally intended so that when it comes time to open your own speak easy, you’ll be ready.

Fun fact:  The password is “Walt sent me.”


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