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Mocktails (Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Mixology Class)

On antibiotics?  Designated driver?  Pregnant and trying to keep it classy?  Well, why just drink something boring at a party when you can make or order your own mocktails and join the all the fun?

Ahhh mocktails, the mockery of a cocktail.  You would think making a mocktail is as easy as putting together a bunch of juices and calling it a day.  Well you’re right, kinda.  There’s more to it then that especially if you want to impress your friends and feel creative.  Plus, drinking a virgin margarita is a bad idea in most bars, I mean, unless you like drinking sweet and sour mix on its own.  Learn how to make your very own non-alcoholic concoctions like a boss.

We’ll help you stay healthy and sober and teach you what you can and can’t order at a bar.  

Bonus:  All recipes can have booze added to them when it’s safer for you to drink!


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