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Whisk(e)y comes in a several different varieties.  Whether it’s the sweetness of bourbon or the peetness of scotch it all starts out pretty much the same.  Learn where they went their separate ways and how to make great drinks with’em.

Look up in the rye!  It’s a bourb!?!  It’s a Jame!?!  No!  It’s an adventure through whisk(e)yland!  Bourbons, Ryes, Irish, Scotch, Canadian, Japanese, and the newly popular white whiskey are all fun to drink alone but even more fun in a cocktail.  Learn classic and current drinks plus the reason why whiskey is the true Spirit of America.  

By the end of class you’ll be ready to start a revolution in your mouth, pick a party, and form your own cocktail country.  

Fun fact:  At George Washington’s farewell party the 55 attendees drank 54 bottles of Madeira, 60 bottles of Claret, 8 bottles of whiskey, 22 bottles of porter, 8 bottles of hard cider, 12 bottles of beer, and 7 bowls of alcoholic punch.  Whew!


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