5 little luxuries to make your home bar standout (and impress/entertain your friends!)

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set of four ice sphere molds

Home bars are a common finding in many private residences, but with a few little luxury items your bar can feel anything BUT common and standout above others. Whether your home-bar is a simple bar tray or bar-cart, a full-blown wet-bar or anything in-between, here are a few things you can add to break the boring bar mold (without breaking the bank!)

A set of copper mugs

Copper mugs bring a certain warmth and class to any bar. Nearly any cocktail can be served in a copper mug, but the most popular serving suggestions are mules. Moscow mules (as well as tons of mule variations) are tasty, classy cocktails and are sure to impress when served up in a set of copper mugs.

moscow mule copper mug

Premium ice

Bring your drinks up a notch by ditching the standard cubes or crushed ice and using a premium ice sphere or giant cube molds instead. The larger piece of ice will melt slower, preventing your drinks from getting overly diluted while maintaining that icy cold refreshment factor. Whisky lover but don’t like the dilution of real ice? Try stone cubes– traditionally made from soapstone, just keep them in the freezer and plop a couple in your whisky for cool & dilution-free sipping.

premium iceColossal™: Red Silicone 2-Inch Ice Cube TrayIced Out™ Flexible Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray


Step up your games

Wine-opoly, Brew-opoly, and Cocktail-opoly. Your favorite adult beverages meet traditional board games. Need we say more?

A decanter (or more)

Decanters are a functional yet beautiful way to dress up any bar. Whether you chose from the classic crystal cut styles or something more modern, liquor or wine- you can always mix and match decanters in groupings for a eclectic decoration.

A centerpiece wine accessory

Cork holders or cork cages are another functional yet decorative way to spice up your home bar or wine room. Available in a variety of styles from classic to whimsical, grab one or more to save and display your favorite corks/ wine memories. Wine bottle holders have transformed over the past few years and come in a wide range of fun styles for any taste.