Chicago Bar Shop with Intel: Promoting smart, connected products driven by the internet of everything

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The Restaurant of the future is smart, connected and focused on the customer experience

Internet of Things (IoT) continues to shape the way we experience almost every minute of our lives. Consumers have come to expect exciting and immersive experiences to gain and hold their attention; directly impacting the way goods and services are delivered across every industry.

IOT is at the center of our changing world, and has become one of the largest disruptors across almost every industry, but nowhere more noticeable than the hospitality sector. It has shifted the way they deliver consumer experiences and made adoption of bleeding edge solutions commonplace. With an expected 75 Billion devices that are to be connected to the Internet by next year, the hospitality industry is focused on the embedded intelligence included in sensors and devices to provide insights in near-real time to drive their success.

For restaurants, breweries, hotels and casinos, sports arenas, music venues, and event spaces, there has been a paradigm shift from the previous technology model of sending all of the data to the cloud for processing to bring insights into the business – after the fact. The Chicago Bar Shop and Intel are working together to change this paradigm…. bringing technology that can advance every facet of the hospitality industry in a new and innovative way.

The Chicago Bar Shop understands the massive shift in demand for digitization of these businesses, and can provide guidance with technology that can revolutionize the hospitality industry. One example of innovation that directly impacts the environment while increasing profitability is the latest technology from SinkTech.

SinkTech is an innovative system that combines automation and cloud computing that forever changes the management of sinks in bars and restaurants. In the past, bar and restaurant managers were not able to manage how sinks were maintained in the front or back of the house. SinkTech delivers an automated, data-driven solution that not only conserves water and helps the environment, but saves soap and ensures compliance with health and safety codes – all while delivering a better customer experience by ensuring dishes are properly washed and handled.

Come by the Chicago Bar Shop and Intel booth at the National Restaurant Association Show 2019 (booth #4680) to experience the innovation from SinkTech firsthand and view the latest in restaurant design, custom bar building & hospitality technology solutions.

Chicago Bar Shop with Intel: Promoting smart, connected products driven by the internet of everything. Shaping a new, connected hospitality industry.