Behind the scenes: Building loft storage

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building loft storage at millshop chicago

Current project: building some much needed loft storage space at the millshop.

“Sometimes when building out isn’t an option… building UP is a good solution.”

Considering how busy things have been since the opening of the Chicago Bar Shop store on Armitage Ave (new Lincoln Park location)- additional storage space became something more than a wish list item for the millshop. Outside of the bar showroom and into the millshop with the bar builders, here’s a little peek at some behind the scenes work in action.

Chicago Bar Shop has it’s own millshop in Chicago. After the opening of the retail store and bar showroom on Chicago’s prestigious Armitage Ave, volume for the millshop increased. To top that off, Chicago Bar Shop participated in the 2016 National Restaurant Association Tradeshow at McCormick place, where the exposure has led to an additional surge in new business. It soon became obvious that more space would allow for a more efficient work flow for the bar builders and shop to keep functioning smoothly with the added workload.

Problem solving spaces with a careful eye on the user experience, that’s just one thing that sets Chicago Bar Shop restaurant builders at the top of their game for hospitality design. Working spaces like service areas in a restaurant (or the millshop in this case) require a keen eye for functional detailing. Fortunately, that’s something which  Chicago Bar Shop excels at continuously.

So how does one breathe new life and 1,000 square feet of additional storage into an old millshop? Well, when you can’t build outwards, build upwards. After pondering the space needed for storage and the need of more room for the woodworking team, Declan decided on a loft storage solution. Declan and a couple helping hands were able to build this loft storage in just one day. (Now that’s talent!)

We pride ourselves on quick execution and being efficient in our projects, whether it’s a project of our own, or for one of our clients. We understand that time wasted is money wasted, and aim to complete each project in the least amount of time possible while maintaining the exceptionally high level of quality our reputation boasts.


When finished, this loft added nearly 1,000 square feet of additional space to the side storage room.

(Finished product photos COMING SOON!)

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