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St Patricks Day cocktails (Irish Inspired Mixology)

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day but not all of us want to drink Guinness and Harps all day and, let’s face it, an Irish car bomb is now offensive to order, thanks Obama.  Well funk that!  Learn how to go green and feel the luck of the Irish with this fun class!

What could be better than a shot of Jameson every hour?  

The answer is nothing, unless you have plans the next day and you don’t want to smell like Uncle Bob.  

If you’re having a party this holiday or need an excuse to throw your own St. Patty’s Day celebration at any given moment then (than?) this class is for you.  We’re going to make some green drinks and some Irish Whiskey drinks.  If you have to drink Guinness and Harp all day at least learn how to do it in style!


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