Chicago Bar Shop Grand Opening


Chicago Bar Shop Grand Opening Bar Builders Chicago

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by the Chicago Bar Shop Grand Opening and made the night truly memorable. We are so thankful for all of our amazing friends who have helped us along the way and who contributed to the success of our grand opening open house. A lot of hard work has gone into the developement of the Chicago Bar Shop store, and planning our event space. Cheers to the first Chicago Bar Shop event (of many to come!) Also, we need to give a great big special thanks also to our friends at Tarantinos in Lincoln Park (just down the street on Armitage,) Samuel Adams, and Mammoth Distilling for all their contributions.

Looking for a space to host your event in Lincoln Park? Give Chicago Bar Shop a call.

Here are some photos from the evening… (check back for more!)

20160211_195302.jpg 20160211_195304.jpg 20160211_195306.jpg 20160211_195317.jpg 20160211_195322.jpg 20160211_195401.jpg 20160211_195402.jpg 20160211_195412.jpg 20160211_201126.jpg 20160211_203918.jpg 20160211_212320.jpg 20160211_212335.jpg 20160211_212345.jpg 20160211_212349.jpg 20160211_212413.jpg 20160211_212427.jpg 20160211_212436.jpg 20160211_212453.jpg 20160211_212549.jpg 20160211_212602.jpg 20160211_212606.jpg 20160211_212635.jpg 20160211_212721.jpg 20160211_212800.jpg 20160211_212827.jpg 20160211_212834.jpg 20160211_212843.jpg 20160211_212851.jpg 20160211_212857.jpg 20160211_212917.jpg 20160211_213114.jpg 20160211_213126.jpg 20160211_213240.jpg 20160211_213300.jpg 20160211_213429.jpg 20160211_213442.jpg Chicago Bar Shop Grand Opening Chicago