3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant or Bar Desperately Needs SinkTech

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Sink Tech Automated Three Compartment Sinks

3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant or Bar Desperately Needs SinkTech

As a bar or restaurant owner/operator, you are painfully aware of the standard mandated three-compartment sink system. It’s required for you to properly clean and maintain both the dishware and glassware before serving them to your clientele. Used in over 1 million American establishments, the three-compartment sink system system is synonymous with our food and beverage industry.

Within this three-compartment sink system, if the water is not kept at a correct temperature, or if sanitation products are administered improperly, you risk harming (or worse) your clientele. Say hello to potential lawsuits and the end of your establishment as you know it.

What if your sinks could regulate themselves, requiring no human oversight? What if your sinks could re-order products when soaps or sanitizers are low in stock?

Well, we’ve created a new kind of sink management system, one that is totally automated and powered by cutting-edge technology. Through smart configuration and a cloud-based solution, the Sink Tech device can do all that and more.

Here are 3 reasons why your restaurant or bar desperately needs this automated sink system:

  1. Automation: By law, your sinks must have consistent hot temperatures, be “clean,” and have the appropriate amount of soap and sanitizer administered into the water. Humans are not perfect, which means these requirements can often slip through management on a daily basis. Through a simple plug-and-play solution, the Sink Tech can be attached after unscrewing your faucet, automating everything from the water temperature and usage, to the administration of sanitizer and the re-ordering of low stock. With this automation, mistakes are mitigated, and your staff has more time to tend to customers (and to make you more money.)
  2. Compliance/Security: The Sink Tech is backed up to the cloud, providing you with access to your three-sink system analytics anytime, anywhere. As a smart device, when soap and sanitizer levels get low, the device actually re-orders the stock for you, after sending notifications. You can program other notifications to be administered, sent directly to your phone for convenience, making sure your sinks are always in health department compliance and having a secure record of the data.
  3. Savings: By automating your clean water system, you will actually save money in water and product costs. How? The Sink Tech has proven to use less water than traditional systems, like dishwashers (and far less electricity!), by testing sink temperatures and adding the perfectly configured water temperature to bring it back to hot. Instead of emptying the entire sink, the Sink Tech adds to it, using the least amount of water possible in the process. From water, electric, product savings, and increased labor efficiency, you’ll save thousands of dollars over time as a restaurant manager, operator, or bar owner.
  4. BONUS: It helps the environment! Sink Tech reduces water use by only draining and refilling the necessary part of your three compartment sink when it gets cold or dirty instead of the normal full drain and fill. It uses FAR less water than even the most conservative or eco friendly dishwasher (and dishwashers also use large amounts of electricity.) PLUS, a portion of every Sink Tech sale is donated to water conservation and ocean clean up efforts- so you are helping the environment while you are saving money too!

The SinkTech Technology

Providing you with peace of mind, expedited and fully automated sink management, and re-ordering without batting an eye, SinkTech is the future of bar and restaurant management. We are embracing the technology at our fingertips today, and integrating it into the food and beverage industry on your behalf. Find our more information about Sink Tech here.

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