Bar & Restaurant Start-up Services for New Locations

Chicago Bar Shop offers basic and advanced start up services to new bar and restaurants. All-inclusive and a la carte options are available. 

  • Restaurant Design and Development
  • Architectural plans, drawings, permits/consulting
  • Business plans and theme development
  • Bar and Restaurant Financing
  • Setting up vendor accounts (food, alcohol, beer, wine, and office supply distributors)  
  • Websites, marketing, social media registration/planning/content creation, branding
  • Transition managers- provide mentor to manage the day to day as you get established


Restaurant design & innovative hospitality technology solutions

We are restaurant designers with expertise in integrating cutting edge hospitality innovations. Through our strategic partnerships with top technology providers, we can help you implement:

  • New POS systems & custom POS hardware & software solutions
  • Inventory management systems to replace outdated/under-performing practices
  • Digital signage, menu boards, kiosks, business compliance,  and advertising solutions 
  • Bar and Restaurant Technology Solution Financing  
  • Updating and increasing website efficiency, marketing, social media registration/planning/content creation/automation, branding
  • Automated, smart, and connected bar and restaurant productivity and operations solutions. 

Restaurant of the Future

2019 NRA Show Featured Hospitality Solutions & Partners

Intel, the Chicago Bar Shop, and our ecosystem partners have joined forces to bring together restaurant design, operations and management expertise with innovative hospitality technology solutions. 

The Chicago Bar Shop is a one-stop-shop resource for bar and restaurant owners with decades of experience designing and building exceptional bars and restaurants and owning and running restaurant operations. Contact Chicago Bar Shop for more information on any of the products, partners, or hospitality innovations featured in this year's Restaurant and Bar of the Future Booth at NRA 2019 (National Restaurant Association Show 2019 in Chicago.)

Intel is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of organizations, offering technologies and services that deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the restaurant and retail hospitality industries. The IoT is a robust network of devices, all embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyze data. The IoT has been transforming the way we live for nearly two decades, paving the way for responsive solutions, innovative products and services, supply chain efficiencies, and ultimately, amazing new ways to do business.

Aava Mobile POS Solutions -Aava Mobile POS devices for mobile order taking and payment at the table optimize work processes in the restaurant and hospitality industry and boost sales. Aava Mobile is your omnichannel solution expert offering the best interaction with your customers and thereby create a seamless customer experience. - Get accurate, real-time foot traffic analytics and communicate with customers at the moment of truth instantly whenever they come within 250 feet of your business. solutions allow brands to identify and communicate with new and existing customers based on physical proximity, without the need for apps or Bluetooth beacons. BlueFox Count provides valuable marketing data and advanced analytics like real-time and historical traffic counts, cumulative impressions, dwell times, recurrent visits, and peak hours. 

Fingermark -Fingermark™ design and deploy world-leading data-driven technology solutions that improve profitability, service speed, operational efficiency and customer experiences. We showcased our digital ecosystem of AI based software delivering real-time business analytics and our data-driven menu boards and kiosk solutions.

HP Retail Point-of- Sale Solutions - From traditional to mobile, HP is reinventing the customer experience with technology solutions that empower employees and engage customers with exceptional design, value and performance for your growing business.  Motivate your employee & connect with your customer where it matters most

Chargifi  -Chargifi displayed its Smart Wireless Charging platform that helps you deploy & manage, monitor, and monetize wireless charging at scale. Smart wireless charging provides a valuable service and frees customers from battery anxiety and cumbersome wires. This not only attracts customers but can mean they stay longer, increasing the opportunity for more revenue and customer engagement.

Ryarc Analytics Compliance Manager (ACM) - Reach the right place at the right time with the right message. An intelligent software solution for managing network devices, capturing sensor data and remotely supporting Digital Gateways and Media Playback Devices. ACM also offers complete management of Digital Content Messaging displayed along with interaction via Touch Points with the effectiveness of Business Compliance through captured analytics provided by cameras and sensors at the specific location.

SinkTech Automated Commercial Three Compartment Sinks - SinkTech™ is a revolutionary system that combines automation and cloud computing, forever changing the management of sinks in bars and restaurants. It is an eco-friendly solution for compliance, increased productivity, and it increases profit margins by reducing labor, product waste, and costly compliance issues. By automating the three-compartment sink with consistent levels of soap, sanitizer and the maintaining the correct temperature of water at all times, this brings considerable savings to the food/beverage establishment in the form of conservation, compliance, and increased customer retention.

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