Green Grease enviornmental restaurant fryer oil removal

Green Grease is a Chicago local owned company dedicated to recycling all used fryer oil into fuel for use exclusively in the United States.  Helping to create a cleaner, more sustainable, local source of energy- Green Grease will not sell overseas.  As our country embraces more renewables like used fryer oil, the United States becomes less dependent on overseas oil.

Additionally, Green Grease has partnered with Loyola University to create fuel that is used locally to power buses in the city of Chicago.
The Searle Biodiesel Program and Green Grease Environmental bring a unique option for used cooking oil recycling. All of the used cooking oil collected goes to make biodiesel fuel right in the heart of Chicago. Undergraduate students in Loyola University Chicago’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability chemically convert the used cooking oil into biodiesel, a renewable direct replacement for petroleum diesel fuel. This fuel is then used to help fuel the Loyola University Chicago shuttle bus fleet and is available for sale (wholesale).

All of the by-products generated during the process of creating biodiesel, are processed in-house or sent to their best and highest use. Food particles and water filtered out of the oil is composted either aerobically or anaerobically (collaboration with water treatment facilities) to create fertilizers. Glycerin from the biodiesel process is turned into BioSoap handsoap, which is used in all the restrooms on campus and was recognized by the US EPA as a Partner of the Year in 2015. Even the recovered methanol (purity too low for most uses) is turned into a windshield wiper fluid for the shuttles buses.

Adding your oil to the program really adds to a very cool, robust sustainability in action program. Find out more about Green Grease online: or in the Chicago Bar Shop featured partner spotlight post here. Ready to made a switch to a more eco friendly oil removal service? Call Green Grease and tell them Chicago Bar Shop sent you, or contact us today and we can get you set-up by simply dropping us a line with the form below.