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General Press Kit

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Intel Solutions Brief

Intel Solutions Brief featuring Chicago Bar Shop

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We build smart & connected next-generation restaurants & bars.

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Bar & Restaurant Start-up Services for New Locations

Chicago Bar Shop offers basic and advanced start up services to new bar and restaurants. All-inclusive and a la carte options are available. 

  • Restaurant Design and Development
  • Architectural plans, drawings, permits/consulting
  • Business plans and theme development
  • Bar and Restaurant Financing
  • Setting up vendor accounts (food, alcohol, beer, wine, and office supply distributors)  
  • Websites, marketing, social media registration/planning/content creation, branding
  • Transition managers- provide mentor to manage the day to day as you get established


Restaurant design & innovative hospitality technology solutions

We are restaurant designers, builders, and consultants with expertise in integrating cutting edge hospitality innovations. Through our strategic partnerships with top technology providers, we can help you implement ways to increase productivity, customer engagement, ROI, and profit margins while reducing loss and your carbon footprint:

  • New POS systems & custom POS hardware & software solutions
  • Inventory management systems to replace outdated/under-performing practices
  • Digital signage, menu boards, kiosks, business compliance,  and advertising solutions
  • Bar and Restaurant Technology Solution Financing
  • Updating and increasing website efficiency, marketing, social media registration/planning/content creation/automation, branding
  • Automated, smart, and connected bar and restaurant productivity and operations solutions.

Contact us below for more information

The Chicago Bar Shop along with Intel and our ecosystem partners have joined forces to bring together restaurant design, operations and management expertise with innovative hospitality technology solutions. 

Chicago Bar Shop Hospitality Solutions

The Chicago Bar Shop is a one-stop resource for bars and restaurants. Chicago Bar Shop works with hospitality clients nationwide, designing, building, and consulting with bars and restaurants from initial plans through construction- to operational planning, logistics and technology integration. Many of the technology products Chicago Bar Shop implements for customers for optimal performance and efficiency are Intel based solutions. Check out the Intel Solution Brief highlighting Chicago Bar Shop and Next-Generation Restaurants and Bars: Smart and Connected.  Aesthetically pleasing bars and restaurants positioned for profits is the ultimate goal, and Chicago Bar Shop has harnessed the power of technology to build interactive smarter bar environments that are both. Contact Chicago Bar Shop for more information on any of the products, partners, or hospitality innovations featured in this year's Restaurant and Bar of the Future Booth at NRA 2022 (National Restaurant Association Show 2022 in Chicago.)

Intel Logo

Intel is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of organizations, offering technologies and services that deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to the restaurant and retail hospitality industries. In today’s hypercompetitive hospitality and restaurant industry, success starts with providing the best customer experience.  Offering a robust portfolio of partner solutions, ranging from self service kiosk to interactive digital signage, Intel empowers you to deliver for your customers like never before.


Toshiba is proud to present the TCxTM 810 Platform at the NRA show. We will show two physical embodiments of this Intel-based platform in both a traditional and self-service application. 

  1. Our TCx™ 810E running the CBS Northstar application is purpose-optimized for restaurants and quick service
  2. The Pro-X Hybrid Kiosk features the 11th generation Intel platform with a self-service form factor
  3.  On a 16x9 Toshiba formatted 800 or 810 we will run the WOW! Retail Hardening video loops with infographics (close caption).

AxxonSoft provides ready-made neural networks for common tasks such as human/vehicle detection, human posture recognition, and fire/smoke detection under standard conditions. We train AI for specific conditions and tasks: unusual viewing angles, difficult lighting, detection of particular objects, thermal camera use, etc. 

  1. Visitor counting (can be used for statistics and analysis (reports etc.))
  2. LPR suite - Perimeter monitoring after hours
  3. Behavior analytics (can be used in storage areas for monitoring)-
  4. Custom analytics (e.g. uniforms - chef hats)-
  5. Access control - can be used for the areas with access for staff only
  6. Alerts and notifications within our products (AI based video analytics)


DynaScan dual-sided professional ultra-high brightness LCD. This double-sided display is ideal for QSR & Fast Casual as well as C-Store. With a high-bright, sunlight readable side facing out, the display is typically places on the inside of an exterior window.

  1. With a sunlight viewable 3000 nit side and a 1000 nit brightness side on the reverse, the DW551DR4 is an ideal fit for in-window display applications.
  2. Double sided merch displays provide for attention getting outdoor viewing and indoor promotional or product marketing while guests are in the dining area
  3. Collaboration between Intel ODM’s & Display Manufacturers for SDM integration

EOS Linx

EOS provides renewable energy services, including Solar enabled digital signage. EOS will provide a rendering of their EV charging infrastructure which will encompass solar panels, backup battery, digital out of home screen, AI security and EV charger. 

  1. Users will experience a charging station that runs on green energy with two EV chargers attached that are powered by the grid.
  2. The goal is to promote green energy, showcase advanced IOT infrastructure, offer DOOH advertising, and provide an EV solution to all QSRs.

Pyramid kiosk solutions unite functionality and design in perfect harmony. 

  1. Be ready for peak times & drive sales!
  2. Designed for QSRs & fast casual, our innovative self-order kiosk systems are a future proof and efficient solution to boost the through-put during peak times. 
  3. Unlike print signage, digital menu boards enable you to display multiple menus with the same screens, thanks to dayparting.

Menu Technologies

MENU  Technologies: Futureproof Your Restaurant Business. 

  1. A leading global provider of digital restaurant ecosystems. 
  2. MENU offers the advanced ecommerce platform for restaurant brands that is built to maximize business and manage orders from every channel. 
  3. Extended with MENU Loyalty, MENU Delivery & Dispatch and customer engagement modules, the MENU platform is certified and used by the largest global restaurant brands and their international franchisees.


The Deloitte / Intel / AWS Restaurant of the Future is based on a re-usable edge AI accelerator, is a digital solution blueprint that enables our clients to respond to the unpredictable business climate, volatile market and pressure to digitize operations for growth and efficiency

  • Changing Landscape: Evolving customer expectations and factors driving change
  • Technology Investments: How QSR companies are responding and investing in technology 
  • The Solution: RoF overview, explanation of features and use cases
  • Enablement: Edge AI Accelerator overview and example solutions


Precitaste- Depth sensing measures the fill level of pans of food in a QSR or fast
casual kitchen. An AI-driven software solution determines when it’s time to cook more
food and instructs cooks or crew members. The attendee will see a station with pans of food holding different ingredients, and can come up to scoop food out of the pans. When they’ve scooped enough of an ingredient that the pan is nearly empty, a notification shows up on the nearby screen to cook more of that ingredient.

  1. Kitchen Efficiency
  2. Food Waste Reduction
  3. AI driven solution


Shekel- Scalable Frictionless Micro-Market & Automated Stores. Demonstrate automated product recognition using Shekel IoT Load Sensors & Intel's CPU in Smart vending & autonomous store environment. Customer checks in and takes products off open shelves and/or a fridge and just walk out, getting to see his virtual basket in real time on a screen (installed near by).Audience will see hubz Cooler and a Product Aware Bay, both grocery products. Shopper can take and/or return products and get immediate feedback on a nearby screen.

  1. Frictionless Shopping
  2. Micro-market
  3. Weight technology

Sony Logo

Sony is partnering with Intel in order to show their new line of professional displays. Bravia Series Professional Displays: Sony’s new top-of-line professional displays signify a return. 

  1. SONY provides LCD displays for professional markets, including LCD’s up to 100” and fine pitch LED displays.
  2. Sony and Intel collaborate on all things digital signage for the QSR, Fast Casual & sports bar market

Vistry Logo

Vistry Restaurant Automation using voice, vision and IoT analytics. We use vision, voice and IoT data analytics to help restaurants measure and improve their speed & quality of service based on existing CCTV cameras. The restaurant industry is quickly digitizing as increases in online ordering and shortages of labor provide rapidly evolving challenges. Vistry’s Discrn Platform uses the OpenVINO™ toolkit and EII (Edge Insights for Industrial) to provide restaurateurs insights and automation services needed to meet these challenges, using vision AI and IoT data analytics from smart equipment to help measure and improve speed, production quality, and guest experience. Order placed at the kiosk queue using Automated Order Taker within QSR Order communicated to the kitchen via POS Guests seated in the Fast Casual tables Kitchen Production Control (KPC) understands the queues, tables and chutes via computer vision, equipment status using IoT and pending orders from digital & mobile. KPC reprioritizes based on loyalty, channel, and available workforce to fulfill orders.

  1. Vision
  2. Voice
  3. Data Analytics

SinkTech Logo

SinkTech™ will be showcasing Confirmed Clean™ IOT-CV enabled Health & Safety training tool.

  • Confirmed Clean is the first IOT-enabled handwashing sink for hospitality & healthcare
  • OpenVINO-enabled computer vision AI that monitors and “judges” time & quality of employee handwashing
  • Rewards employees for proper usage and acts as a training tool when health code parameters or frequency aren’t met
  • Even before COVID-19, food-borne illness was a national problem, creating 48 million cases, or affecting 1 in 6 Americans annually
  • Food borne illness costs the restaurant industry $93B in economic impact.
  • Example: Chipotle lost $5B in market cap after food borne illness incidents in recent years.

SinkTech™ will be also be showcasing the first ever automated three-compartment sink which previously was a recipient of the National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award. SinkTech Automated Commercial Three Compartment Sinks - SinkTech™ is a revolutionary system that combines automation and cloud computing, forever changing the management of sinks in bars and restaurants. It is an eco-friendly solution for compliance, increased productivity, and it increases profit margins by reducing labor, product waste, and costly compliance issues. By automating the three-compartment sink with consistent levels of soap, sanitizer and the maintaining the correct temperature of water at all times, this brings considerable savings to the food/beverage establishment in the form of conservation, compliance, and increased customer retention.

Ryarc Logo

Ryarc- Turn Data from IoT Sensors, Camera Vision and AI Models into Actionable Insights by using Business Rules at the Edge Device. Driving Dynamic Content with Realtime Data to the user experience. Ryarc's Platform will provide AI Driven Content to Displays by managing and monitoring Sensors and Camera feeds that combined with Business Rules at the Edge will dynamically change content during a user experience at the point of action. Data can also be used to drive specific advertising using Ryarc’s Ad Marketplace, FORO.

  1. Ability to distribute AI models developed with Intel to edge devices such as Sink.Tech to measure and display compliance data to alert the user in real time. 
  2. Providing a Gateway with Ryarc’s remote agent that monitors remote edge devices while collecting data from local sensors and cameras generating Real Time data to measure compliance and environmental requirements for thousands of devices from a Central Management Portal. 
  3. How hundreds of Displays can be setup to create an Advertising Network with an automated web portal via FORO that Advertisers can use to  find locations, pricing and ability to purchase Ad Slots at the desired locations.

AdtoScreen Logo

AdToScreen Provides Service Signage for venues seeking to provide a service while sharing their message. AdToScreen will provide their floor standing Digital Sanitizer Pro so customers can see first hand the quality and capabilities of our digital hand sanitizer. 

  1. Users will interact with our DSP to see first hand our mission of Service Signage of providing a needed service while also displaying digital content beautifly. 
  2. With a goal on providing sanitizing to patrons while offering a DOOH option for advertising, or self promotion for venues looking to purchase directly.


SageNet E2E Managed Services, specializing in QSR & C-Store, Including Digital Signage/Digital Menu Board, Content Management & IOT Infrastructure. DDT - 4 Displays will show Restaurant content, 2 at Preview and 2 at Order location, all running attract loop content when not in use. Display 2 will show the output of an Aquaji camera, which picks up people (cars) as they approach the sign. When pressure plate and/or camera detects a person, the 2 displays will instantly trigger menu board content personalized based on the person being detected (age/gender) DMB: 4 screen (landscape video wall) digital menu board showing digital menu board content and occasional full screen video takeovers.

  1. SageNet’s broad menu of managed services focuses on C-Store, QSR & Retail
  2. SageNet manages multiple CMS applications for their customers, based on content strategy and network parameters
  3. Navori’s CMS is highly tailorable for each customer.  Combined with their Aquaji CV/AI solution provides numerous, assignable metrics for anonymously monitoring customer traffic, demographics and more.

Hi Auto

Hi Auto automates order taking in the drive-thru using cloud and edge-computing. Our AI system interacts with guests, takes their orders,  and enters them into the Point-of-Sale system. Hi Auto helps QSRs overcome staffing shortages, reduce employee stress, and increase upsells threefold. The demo will consist of two elements: (A) a video running in a loop showcasing the system as utilized in real drive-thrus, and (B) visitors will be offered to put on a headset and listen in on real conversations between Hi Auto’s system and guests driving through drive-thrus at restaurants across the country.

  1. Intelligent Drive Thru
  2. Improve Order Accuracy
  3. Overcome Staffing Shortage

Posiflex Logo Microsoft Logo

SMB Retail in a Box- This innovative solution developed by Intel and partners (Microsoft, Posiflex, Touchpoint, Outdu) revolutionized the retail stores’ ability to unify their management and operations. Many traditional industries use Windows based systems and applications that are in desperate need to adopt latest AI applications to modernize their operations while keeping their costs low. For example, a single unified system that includes a POS system, surveillance, and video analytics would be an effective way for a store owner to gain reduced TCO, ease of use and improved security. Through this journey, the viewers will see the perspective of the store manager’s operating experience to manage daily transaction, store security camera video and consumer courting by a single-device POS + surveillance + analytics system . Deployments are based on Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW)* and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit. This solution runs a Windows*-based POS system alongside a Linux*-based surveillance system with video analytics running on EFLOW.*

  1. Manage consumer check out and real time surveillance on single device
  2. AI-Driven Alerts: People Tracking, Camera Tamper Detection, Theft Reduction
  3. Store Analytics: Dashboard showing the data of productivity and Security

Appointments suggested for full product and technology solution demonstrations. Contact us today to see how we can improve your business with our full suite of hospitality technology solutions.

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    NRA 2022 Photos

    Images from the National Restaurant Association Show 2022 & Chicago Bar Shop.

    The Chicago Bar Shop, a full-service restaurant design and custom bar building company, will be hosting a 1600sq foot booth at this year’s National Restaurant Association (NRA Show) May 21-24 in Chicago.

    With over 40 years experience handcrafting custom bars and building restaurants nationwide, Chicago Bar Shop will be showcasing a full-sized and multi-sided bar equipped with hospitality technology innovations trending in restaurant development today.

    Borne from a passion for helping bar and restaurant owners build businesses that are both aesthetically pleasing and positioned for profits, Chicago Bar Shop has harnessed the power of technology to build interactive smarter bar environments. 

    “We’ve created strategic partnerships with top tech companies to offer a full line of hospitality technology solutions for maximizing profits and customer engagement,” said Candace Morgan, CEO at Chicago Bar Shop. “At this year’s NRA show, we are incredibly excited to showcase our beautiful hardwood bars and the solutions we rely on to build and cultivate profitable restaurants.”

    The NRA Show is a 4-day hospitality experience that hosts the meeting, seeing, tasting, testing, of all the elements of the restaurant industry. Thousands of exhibitors from around the world will take part in the convention. 

    “We’ve created strategic partnerships with top tech companies to offer a full line of hospitality technology solutions for maximizing profits and customer engagement,”Candace Morgan
    Uniquely positioned to offer high-tech hospitality solutions to those in attendance, the Chicago Bar Shop's booth at this year’s event will be showcasing many hospitality technology solutions. You can expect to see represented within the booth: AVAD, NEC, Peerless, and Network Allies among other prominent tech brands. Featured products will include pos systems, mobile devices for ordering, AV equipment, and digital signage.   “We’re determined to revolutionize the bar development industry as we know it today,” said Declan Morgan, President at Chicago Bar Shop. “Spread the word on our upcoming feature at this year’s NRA show and check out our website for more about our restaurant and commercial bar building capabilities.” The Chicago Bar Shop has a showroom and retail store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park (921 W Armitage Ave) where they showcase their bars, bar décor and accessories, and hospitality technology solutions like those being displayed at the NRA Show.  For more information on the NRA Show, visit:

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