Stop Pouring your Money Down the Drain

Introducing the world’s first smart sink specially designed for the foodservice industry: SinkTech ONE.

What it does?

Slash costs and streamline your Bar and Restaurant Operations

We have completely automated the three compartment sink! This innovative solution to an age old hospitality industry compliance issue is long overdue.


The future of the foodservice industry is smart

Data-driven, automated tools and services are revolutionizing the foodservice industry. The ONE smart sink from SinkTech brings the revolution to the three-compartment sink.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Automated monitoring and instant compliance status updates
  • Cloud-based data and analytics accessible from any device, any time
  • Detailed water level and use monitoring

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The world's first automated 3-Compartment Sink

Saves Money

Saves time. Saves soap and sanitizer. Saves water. Saves labor.


The future of the foodservice industry is smart. Always-on smart sinks produce consistently clean and sanitized glassware that avoids customer concerns over health and cleanliness as well as unwanted attention from health inspectors.

Eco Friendly

Sink Tech ONE uses continuous data monitoring to make sure you never drain and fill your sinks more than needed. The result: your establishment cuts its consumption of water and energy, making a positive impact on the environment.

Bring the next step in automated technology into your bar or restaurant

Health Code Compliance

To remain health code compliant, sinks need to be clean, have the right amount of soap and disinfectant, and keep the right temperature.

Eliminate Dirty Glasses

Dirty glasses not only creates unhappy customers, but wasted product. Eliminate the risk of low-quality drinks from dirty or poorly-rinsed glassware with washing and sanitizing stations that are automatically maintained and refilled.

Save Water and Support the Environment

With a data-driven solution, constant monitoring of water temperature and cleanliness is achieved. Sinks can be automatically drained and refilled when needed with as little waste as possible

Save Soap

If water is wasted, so is soap and sanitizer. These cost more than you might realize. Plus, when sinks are automatically filled and drained, labor costs go down as well.

Enhance Customer Service

While bartenders are trying to drive revenue, they are often responsible for managing the sink. Often compensated by tips and lured to jobs at other bars, managing the sink is not always top of mind. The Sink Tech One ensures removes this common problem.

Save Beer

Numerous studies, provided from Micromatic, have shown that dirty glasses mean there isn't enough foam in beer. This can cost thousands of dollars in wasted beer by "over pouring" in a years time. SinkTech ONE removes this challenge.

Required by law

The three-compartment sink is required by law for any establishment that serves food and beverages. The ONE smart sink turns this low-tech staple into a self-monitoring, autonomous tool that lowers costs and significantly reduces staff hours required for washing glassware. 

Fully Autonomous Sinks

With Manual Overrides to ensure 24/7 operability

Installs on Top of Your Sink

You already have the Sink, now it's time to get smart!

Clean, spot free glasses make for satisfied, repeat customers

The Sink Tech ONE is a complete plug-and-play solution. It’s modular design is easily installed and does not require a plumber. Simply unscrew the current faucet and attach the Sink Tech device. From the connection, the new device will keep the water temperatures at required levels and ensure the correct amount of soap and sanitizer are automatically added to the water. When connected to the cloud, the Sink Tech device keeps track of water usage, soap and sanitizer use, administering notifications when there is low stock of soap and sanitation products. It can automatically reorder products without requiring human intervention. Sink Tech saves more water than traditional methods, like dishwashers. Only part of the sink requires emptying when temperatures become too cool or dirty, with the device regulating temperatures by draining and adding in hot water without refilling the entire sink.
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