Perfect Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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If you’re looking to send someone special flowers this Valentine’s Day but don’t want to break the bank, you’re not alone. Just like most people, we started looking for this year’s gifts after realizing somehow it was already February. After doing some research (you’re welcome, America) we made some discoveries about those cliche gifts you might be considering buying for February 14th along with how you can save money and stay original.


According to, the lowest prices they could find for one dozen red roses was “$39.98 plus delivery.” If you want them waiting at home on Valentine’s Day you can either pay extra for a February 14th delivery or you can order them early and hope they keep fresh. Regardless of your decision, by March they’ll be in the garbage.


With something like candy there is certainly a large amount of variation in both quality and prices, the average price tag on “the 14 best Valentine’s Day chocolates to buy in 2017” (according to is about $19. While usually considered ‘fun’ or ‘delicious,’ candy isn’t always the most ‘practical’ gift. Just 45 days into the new year, many people are still maintaining a new year’s resolution to eat less sugar, be healthier or waste less money. Gone by the weekend, its another gift that winds up in the trash.


When 1,037 Americans were asked about how they spent their last Valentine’s Day while single, a survey published by RetailMeNot, 58% said they spent their day with friends or family members and 11% said they’d host a party. Statistics (from Bing) show that if you’re single you’re spending anywhere between $40 – $71 on average for Valentine’s Day.
Whether you’re looking at gifts for your significant other, friends, family or yourself, the Chicago Bar Shop has exactly what you need. Even better, unlike chocolates or flowers, we gurantee these gifts will be treasured for more than a few weeks. Here are some of our favorite gifts under $71, $40 and $19.

Gifts  under  $71

Mr. Beer Premium Kit – $69.99

Wine Rack, Movie Reel – $69.99

Wine Sign Cork Holder – $59.99

Perfume Bottle Cork Holder – $49.99

Duck Decanter – $49.99

Gifts  under  $40

Playful Pup Bottle Holder – $36.99

Wooden Champagne Gift Box – $39.99

Crystal Mixing Glass – $29.99

Bordeaux Wine Glass Set – $29.99

Moscow Mule Copper Mug – $24.99

Gifts  under  $19

Diamond Ice Tray – $10.99

Golden Elephant Bottle Stopper – $14.99

Rose Wine Stopper – $10.99

Belmont Gold Cocktail Straws – $15.99

Flamingo Stir Sticks – $9.99