Chicago bar tin ceilings installations

Nothing adds that finishing touch or polished old world charm quite like an eye catching tin ceiling. Chicago Bar Shop carries a high quality line of Chicago Tin Ceilings that are guaranteed to impress and last. Our tin ceilings are available in a variety of finishes, colors, textures, and patterns. Chicago Tin Ceilings are authentic reproductions of mid-1800s tin tiles that are available in 3 different installation types (Nail-up, Snap-lock, or Drop-in.)

All of our tin ceiling tiles are made from premium-tin plated steel to give a bright finish, boldly show patterns, and naturally prevent rust. Chicago Bar Shop tin ceiling tiles can ship right to your door, new building, project, or renovation site. Give us a call, and we’ll help you coordinate.


Chicago Tin Ceiling Patterns

Chicago Tin Ceiling Colors


3 Types of Metal Ceilings

  1. Premium-tin plated steel (OUR Chicago Tin Ceilings available through Chicago Bar Shop) have a bright tin coating over black plate recycled steel that allows it to be clear coated and is bright. Tin plated steel costs more as the real tin is used for coating. Tin plate also protects the black plate from rusting.
  2. Black plate is the base metal which our leading competitors sell, and does not contain a tin coating. Black plate has a gray hue to it so clear coat shows up as gray and dull. There is no shine to black plate. The steel has no coating, resulting in rusting quickly in humid environments.
  3. Aluminum is lighter than tin, but gray in color, and does not provide crisp patterns due to the softness of the metal. This tends to oxidize and must be cleaned with acetone prior to painting or powder coating. Aluminum is more expensive and sells for more than tin plated steel.

Give Chicago Bar Shop a call to discuss you design project or tin ceiling order: 312-473-2277